Machine-cleaning cotton

Cotton can be purchased cut or without cutting.

Prices and put ups according to personal agreement.

Put up:

  • 20 kgs of sack -the goods are packaged into 5 packs each 4 kgs
  • Bales: 30 kgs, 40kgs, 50kgs, 60kgs, the cotton is pressed.
Dark T-shirt
Attributes: Strong hygroscopic, 100 % cotton raw material, ability of contamination-attraction

Use: Cleaning of smaller or larger surfaces. It is ideal for companies dealing with metal, plastic and it can be used in constructions, for cleaning different machines.

10 kg bale
Light T-shirt

Attributes: hygroscopic, 100% cotton raw material

Use:  removing smaller or medium contaminations. For companies that produce plastic or for constructions, for wood industries, for cleaning different machines.

10 kg bale
White T-shirt

Attributes: hygroscopic (solvent-resistant)

Use: It is suitable for different special cleanings e.g.: for the cleaning of printing industry machines, cars, aero planes, helicopters and it is useful even in electric industry. Because of its strong hygroscopic quality it is popular in cleaning companies.

10 kg bale
White cardboard

Attributes: It is less hygroscopic

Use: It is excellent for cleaning windows and glass surfaces and also for polishing and varnishing.

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